About Us - Sole Trade S.r.l.
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About Us

After a remarkable and long experience in the field, after much work and careful analysis and knowledge of the production process in the agro-food industries, in compliance with the quality parameters and procedures, with particular attention to the markets increasingly competitive but demanding, this the idea and the spirit of Sole Trade Srl.

Sole Trade Srl has as its objective a new way to buy or sell that is not limited to the classic “trade” but rather acts as a guarantee, not only to get competitive prices and conditions, but for full compliance with the standards required too: the trade conceived as real advice.

We will deal with and will follow you from the early stages of contract, with professional support not only commercial, but giving particular attention to the whole post-sale service, quality and logistics.

Sole Trade using its professional staff, ensuring first and foremost a careful market research in order to gain a competitive offer, sometimes organizing a tender for the sale to which all companies will be able to give feedback, will follow the real progress of the order and the total respect of the qualitative and structural parameter.

Thanks to our collaboration, all the problems that often incurred during the sale: mislabelling of goods, quality standards are not met, delayed loads with consequent loss of time and money will certainly declined substantially if not completely cancelled.

Sole Trade Srl wants to be then a reference for a new way of doing trade, not respecting the quality / price ratio, but ensuring QUALITY AND PRICE.

We deal especially tomato and its derivatives, in different sizes and characteristics, even for industrial uses, as well as legumes, vegetables, olive oil, pasta and many other products.

Sole Trade also carries out analysis of market demand and sales for new product categories.

In addition, there are no annual fees or costs inscription to be paid, our job is started, follow and successfully conclude trade agreements, there will be no automatic database-dispersive and often contacts with backdated, no e-mail spam or useless: all our work will be carried out personally by our staff who will follow all the offers in a serious and professional way.

Sole Trade: Selling with the needs of buyers.