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Sole Trade Srl is a company specializing in the trade of food products especially in the agro-food sector.

Rely on us to research and buy the products that it markets, will mean acquiring an operating partner and commercial able to guarantee not only prices in line with the markets, but rather, the total fulfilment of the requirements and standards requested by you, as well as logistical support and commercial .

This will avoid problems then upstream errors packaging, merchandise that does not meet the requirements, shortages in stock and high costs sometimes caused by small errors that might create serious commercial difficulties.

In detail, in order:

We will provide a focused market research with the eventual creation of a tender on our site dedicated, anonymous, under which a number of companies will be able to bid on the basis of the quantitative requirements / quality / logistics required;

We will send you therefore, detailed reports of the results of our research and tenders received, and together, we will continue with the negotiation with suppliers considered in line, giving support to all the pre-commercial phase;

We will test (when the deal has been closed and confirmed) the goods purchased by verifying full compliance with the quality parameters / quantities / logistics required;

In the event of major productions we agree our supervision during the entire production process, ensuring real-time compliance with the required standards;

We will check the forwarding and storage areas shall provide a check on any packaging and then shipping.

This is the work that the partner will do for you, this is our concept: Selling with the needs of the purchaser.

The cost? For you, no charge, there are no entrance fees, memberships or registrations to pay. The commercial offer provided by us will already be operating including the extra support offered by us.

So, you just need to register and fill the form, with the seriousness on our part, there will not be any of your requests to which you will not get feedback. You will be assigned a unique reference number to be entered in ALL subsequent communication: our system is all done by research and work, you will never receive standard or automatic answer, you should not engage yourself in any search among the many automatic database with business contacts dispersive and sometimes bogus and / or expired. We will do everything following your instructions, according to your needs.