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Become a Sole Trade Supplier


Sole Trade, your partner for your sales.

Specialists in food products, particularly in the agro-food industry, become a SOLE supplier is very simple and fast, and above all at no charge: register and you will become part of our archive receiving requests for purchase exclusively for products and criteria you specified.

Including you in our systems, in case on new offer coming, you will be notified and contacted then giving you the opportunity to be involved with your offer targeted.

Also, If you have a stock to sell or you are going to promote specific types or quantities of goods, by filling the form, we will provide a thorough search of target customers with the features requested by you and we will support you throughout the later commercial phase.

Our strong point is the work: do not handle automatic database, but on every request we will strive personally to achieve the proposed objectives in order to meet your demands and needs.

To proceed, please register.